A man who was set to testify against an associate accused of stealing computers from Nicolas Cage's ex-lover has been arrested in connection to the burglary himself.

Darwin Vela had reportedly teamed up with main suspect Ricardo Orozco and approached representatives for Charlie Sheen with information about the whereabouts of a sex tape belonging to the Platoon star earlier this year (13).

Police managed to link Orozco to the theft of items from Cage's former girlfriend, actress Christine Fulton, after learning he had worked as her handyman. Detectives believe the swiped computers contained the Sheen footage.

Orozco was taken into custody and charged with burglary, and Vela had been recruited to give evidence against his alleged partner in crime during a preliminary court hearing in Los Angeles on Thursday (21Nov13).

However, Vela went missing two days before his scheduled testimony, only to resurface on Friday (22Nov13), claiming he had been kidnapped.

Cops launched an investigation into his disappearance and the drama took another turn on Monday night (25Nov13) when Vela and his girlfriend, Kelly MCLaren, were both arrested and charged with breaking into Fulton's home and stealing four computers, among other possessions.

According to Tmz.com, authorities are convinced Vela's kidnap tale was made up so he didn't have to testify against Orozco and they now have reason to believe all three people committed the theft.