Nicole Kidman has been emotionally Disturbed by her new movie.

The Australian actress - who stars alongside Nicolas Cage in psychological thriller 'Trespass' - has cried because of the story, which tells the tale of a wealthy husband and wife who find their home invaded by strangers.

She said: "I came downstairs the other night, and I was crying, and my husband was like 'Why are you crying?' and I realised it's getting to me. The violence and abuse that I'm shooting on camera must have somehow permeated into my mind off the set."

The movie's director Joel Schumacher also believes the picture - which is due for release in 2011 - plays on fears many people have about strangers entering their home.

He told the Shreveport Times: "I think that's probably most of our fears. That, in the middle of the night, you're going to wake up and there's somebody in your house or apartment. And we've seen it in all the news stories and it's a question of why are these people breaking in on this night and how did they know to do this at this time."