Hollywood beauty Nicole Kidman considers Sean Penn a soul mate, because she can confide in the Mystic River actor about her deepest feelings.

The Moulin Rouge! actress found Penn a pillar of strength during her painful split from Tom Cruise in 2001.

And Kidman trusts her The Interpreter co-star so much, she tells him secrets she would hide from almost everyone else.

The 38-year-old says, "He was somebody who really understood me and was very generous and very, very gentle with me, which I appreciate.

"And there were so many things that I was able to reveal to him that I probably wouldn't reveal to many people.

"I've had things that have affected me on a really, really deep level that are not written about and that I never speak about. They are my own private burdens. That's what I call them and we all have our burdens.

"Occasionally you meet people you become close to and who understand certain things about your life and probably Sean is one of them."

29/07/2005 02:03