Nicole Richie has experimented with her hair colour ''a lot''.

The 36-year-old fashion designer has dyed her hair purple with a temporary colour from Joico, but the star believes changing the colour of your locks is a ''big commitment'' as it takes its toll on her tresses and caused a lot of damage to her hair in the past.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the fashion muse said: ''I've played with colour a lot with my hair and I did it three or four years ago, so really the only option was to use permanent colour and it's just a different process - bleaching your hair, you have to go to a salon and it's a very big deal, and it's a big commitment. I dealt with some breakage and had to start fresh and grow it out all over again.

''When I met with Joico they wanted to show me their new temporary hair colour. My first thought was 'Oh, this is so cool' because you could do it at home, which I think is half the battle.''

And the former 'Simple Life' star - who has daughter Harlow, nine, and eight-year-old son Sparrow with her husband Joel Madden - thinks people like to change their appearance because it ''uplifts'' them and ''really changes [their] vibe2.

She said: ''I think that a lot of people want to experiment with colour because it's emotional and powerful and does have the power to uplift you and really change your vibe, your wardrobe, but it's just such a big commitment.''

And Nicole prefers to trial ''extreme colours'' in the winter because the clothes she wears during the season are a lot darker.

She explained: ''Obviously, the colours that you could wear are a little more limited, but that's why I like to play with that extreme colour in fall and winter, because I wear a lot of blacks and greys. That's the fun thing about colour - your hair can be your accessory for a few weeks.''