Nicole Richie has a rigorous cleaning routine whenever she boards a plane.

The 37-year-old television personality doesn't like the idea of sitting down on a plane where other people have sat before her, so always makes sure to don a pair of latex gloves and clean all the surfaces around her seat with antibacterial wipes.

Nicole's regime was discovered by model pal Heidi Klum, who thought the habit was ''f***ing nuts'' when the pair boarded a plane together after Nicole had finished filming an appearance on Heidi's new Amazon Prime Video series 'Making The Cut'.

In a video posted to Heidi's Instagram account, the 47-year-old can be heard saying: ''Okay so I thought that only Naomi Campbell was the nut job, but nein! Mrs. Richie is just as f***ing nuts! What is wrong with you girls?!''

The clip shows the former 'Simple Life' star donning her disposable gloves and getting to work cleaning a table beside her chair, as she explained she likes to clean the area to make sure other people haven't spread germs.

During the video, Heidi and Nicole are interrupted by a flight attendant who asks them if they'd like a drink, and after requesting a Bloody Mary and a glass of wine respectively, Heidi revealed they'd been hard at work on set.

She added: ''I mean, we just wrapped, so I think we deserve it. We never went to bed. We are very busy working mums here. And cleaning at the same time!''

Nicole's intense cleaning routine comes just one month after model Naomi Campbell shared a clip of how she prepared for a flight, which also involved latex gloves, antibacterial wipes, and surgical masks to ensure her seat is completely sanitary.