Nicole Scherzinger's new album will be ''more energetic, uplifting and fun'' than her debut.

The 'Boomerang' singer is still working on the follow up to 'Killer Love' but the tracks she has finished so far have a dance music edge to them.

She said: ''A lot of the stuff that we've recorded so far is dance. Compared to 'Killer Love' this one is sounding a lot more energetic, uplifting, fun.

''I'm still working on it though - finding those missing pieces and those honest tracks for the fans.''

Her favourite song so far is one she has cut with producer Dallas Austin.

She told ''I think is really strong, it's really in-your-face. It takes no prisoners.

''But I'm also really proud of the stuff I've written with Toby Gad. I really let down my guard and showed my true colours on my songs. My favourite songs are the ones that really come from the heart.''

Toby and Dallas are not the only heavyweight producers set to appear on the former Pussycat Dolls singer's second album.

She added: '''s produced a lot of music I've been doing, but new single 'Boomerang' is by Sandy Vee. I was also messing around in the studio the other day with Afrojack.''