Nicole Scherzinger would invite Mother Teresa to her dream dinner party.

The 40-year-old singer was asked to choose her fantasy dinner party guests in an interview with online publication #Legend Magazine and top of the list was the late Roman Catholic nun and missionary, who became renowned for her humanitarian work in India and was subsequently declared a saint by Pope Francis.

Taking up the other places at the table are late pop icon Whitney Houston and Nicole's friend, tennis legend Serena Williams.

Answering the question ''you're given a dinner table to host three influential women, dead or alive. Who's sitting at your table?'', Nicole said: ''I would have to definitely pick Mother Teresa, love her. Whitney Houston, she is my absolute Idol and I would have to throw in my girl, Serena Williams.''

Nicole is a practising Catholic and her Christian faith is very important to her and she admits her ideal day would have to begin with a prayer.

She revealed: ''I think I would have to start my day meditating, praying and getting a sweat on whether it's a run, whether it's hot yoga or doing some high-intensity workout.''

The former Pussycat Dolls singer was also asked whether she trusts her head or her heart more, and she admitted that she tends to make decisions based on her emotions more than her rationale because she trusts her gut.

She explained: ''Definitely my heart. I never trust my head - it's a bit out there.''