Nicole Scherzinger wants to write a musical with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Although the 39-year-old singer left the composer ''furious'' when she dropped out of 'Cats' on Broadway just one week before rehearsals to re-join 'The X Factor', the pair have since made up and Nicole now hopes to pen a musical with Andrew.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, she said: ''I have several musicals in me. It would be a dream to ¬create something original with Andrew.''

Andrew, 70, previously lashed out after Nicole dropped out of the Broadway show with little notice.

He fumed: ''A week before we were due to go into rehearsal for 'Cats' on Broadway, which luckily I'm not producing, she calls me and says she's decided she wants to do 'X Factor', having agreed everything.

''I mean, she's crazy. But the American producers just took a view - 'Well, fine, we'll get somebody else', because she's actually not very well known in America, amazingly. She's much better known here.

''I'm furious because I really believe she's the most fantastically talented girl and I went out on a limb to get her for the London Palladium here, and it makes me look like an absolute t**t with them all.

''But never mind, there'll be another girl on Broadway and Nicole will not get her Tony Award.''

However, he later revealed that the pair have made up and he now understands why she chose 'The X Factor' over 'Cats'.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''The thing about Nicole is that she's a wonderfully talented actress and singer. If I could find the right thing for her to work on then I'd love to.

''She really is an extraordinary performer and I in many ways understand why she chose not to do 'Cats'.

''In many ways I'm sad because it would've been a great opportunity for her to be seen in America but at the same time I do understand and we are friends. We've both moved on.''