Music producer Steve Albini was delighted when he was given the chance to remaster the recordings of Nirvana's In Utero album as it finally vindicated his original work after 20 years.

The legendary studio boss was left disappointed by the album's release in 1994 because the volume levels on several of the tracks he recorded had been adjusted amid concerns from record label bosses that Albini's versions would not sell.

Albini was convinced his original recordings were superior, and he was overjoyed to give fans the chance to hear his versions when heads at DGC Records commissioned several special edition box sets for the album's 20th anniversary this year (14).

He tells Uncut magazine, "It was gratifying that the people responsible for that reissue were willing to let (the band) go the distance for quality and by that I mean we had the original masters for the original sessions... I said I was happy to oversee the mastering and they signed off on that...

"So I got to see the production aspect of the reissue version of the original mix through to the end. That was very satisfying and in the end I don't know how to make a record better than that."