Noel Fielding and Serge Pizzorno plan to do a forest tour.

The comedian and Kasabian rocker have teamed up again in their Loose Tapestries guise to soundtrack the new series of 'Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy' and they want to take their music on the road at some point.

Serge said: ''We've promised each other that one day we'll do the most amazing eight or nine shows in forests or something.

''I can imagine it being like a medieval Wu-Tang Clan but with a weird British edge.''

The duo were joined on one track on the album by 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' star Idris Elba and were delighted by his efforts.

Serge told NME magazine: ''We've got Idris Elba rapping on a Christmas song. He was doing the 'Mandela' film and the time and we were laughing, saying, 'Imagine doing that and then coming down and dropping a Christmas rap on a medieval psych-prog record.''

Noel added: ''We sent him the track and he loved it so we just let him do what he wanted.''