Noel Gallagher will host the ''perfect Christmas'' for his wife.

The 'Black Star Dancing' hitmaker wants to make sure his spouse Sara MacDonald and their kids - Donovan, 12, and Sonny, nine - have the best Christmas ever, even though he's not a huge fan.

He said: ''Sara's Scottish and believes in the perfect Christmas because those are the ones she had. And Sara has the present-buying gene. I'll get in and find stacks of boxes. She buys presents for the whole of London. She's probably got you one. But me, I'm a northern, working-class male. I ask Sara what she wants and she says, 'Surprise me.' ... I'm always stressing that I'm bringing everyone down to my level. So I'll be all jazz hands with the kids but there will still be pictures of everyone at the table at Christmas lunch in a paper hat apart from me.''

Noel believes his distaste for Christmas comes from his childhood, as he remembered it being a ''lot of sadness'' because of his rowing parents.

He shared: ''I just remember it being a lot of sadness. The endless dark nights, the sadness. When my parents split up at last it was a relief. When my mam walked out, I was, like, thank God for that. I just remember tension, I wanted it all to be over ... The family gatherings - I mean, the nearest thing I've ever seen to real Christmas is the Royle family, where it's a bit s**t. Tray on my lap, that's my idea of a real-life Christmas. Christmas Day's the longest day, longer than D-Day - and more stressful. You're sitting there exhausted, thinking, 'And it's only 11 o'clock.'''

However, Christmas and the festive period does hold some good memories for Noel as it was the day his and Sara's eldest son Donovan was conceived.

Speaking to The Sunday Times magazine, he shared: ''The significant thing in our family, this family here is that Donovan was conceived on Christmas Day. We were trying for a child and we tried on Christmas Day. And when we worked out backwards from his due date we realised.''