The actor had the rare treat of being able to shoot back to back projects often less than a mile from each other, and it allowed him to watch his cult TV show The Walking Dead being filmed in between Triple 9 action - and vice-versa.

"I was bouncing between sets," he told WENN. "Luckily we filmed in Atlanta near The Walking Dead locations, so it made it easier.

"There was a scene between (The Walking Dead co-star) Melissa MCBride and I, in a van overlooking a bridge... and that set was so close to Triple 9 that we could see each other!

"I'd go to this (Triple 9) set, slick my hair back, and then go to Walking Dead set, mess up my hair, put on the blood; go back to this one and put on the tattoos. I've shot in Atlanta a lot, obviously, but this experience was so cool.

"(Director) John (Hillcoat) was very detailed with how I spoke in this and he wanted me to be very calm. Then I go to Walking Dead set and I'm just growling and stabbing things in the face! It was nice to go back and forth."

Norman admits the Triple 9 part was a dream come true because he has to turn down a lot of movie work because it clashes with his The Walking Dead schedule.

"I'll get offered movies and I can't do them because there's no time," he added. "It was like a little mini working vacation stepping into this other world on Triple 9."