Olga Kurylenko has praised Tom Cruise for being ''energetic and generous''.

The Ukranian born actress stars alongside Tom in their new sci-fi film 'Oblivion' and she loved working with the 50-year-old actor because of his ''enthusiastic'' personality.

She said: ''He's amazing. He came on set in the morning and lit everyone up with his enthusiasm and his light.

''He's a very energetic and generous person. He and his daughter came and had lunch in my trailer.''

Olga also worked with Ben Affleck in 'To The Wonder' and was full of compliments for the 'Argo' director, despite his unlikely role.

She added to People magazine: ''Poor Ben, it must have been frustrating for him to play such a cold and silent man, he is the total opposite.''

While Tom enjoyed her company in return, the action star admitted he had to prevent the stunning actress from causing a serious accent while they were shooting a motorbike scene for their new movie.

He recalled: ''We were riding over rough terrain in Iceland and I said to her 'All you have to do is really hold on to me.'

''She had to hold on tight as every bump we hit I had to accelerate. But every time we hit a bump, her hands left my sides and she tried to grab the handlebars.

''I've never experienced anything like that in my life, I was so shocked, I almost killed us and I kept saying to Olga, 'Listen, we are moving at 50 miles an hour, please please let go'.''