Oscar Isaac feels there's an ''issue of representation'' in Hollywood.

The 59-year-old actor - who was born in Guatemala - has claimed that more needs to be done in order to challenge the lack of diversity in the movie industry.

He explained: ''I think it really needs to start more with the writers and directors. They're the ones that write the stories.

''I don't think the reasons actors are interesting is for their representational qualities; it's for their transformative ones. That's where the magic trick is, where the craft is.''

Oscar - who plays the part of Poe Dameron in the 'Star Wars' movies - has claimed that corporations and movie studios ought to shoulder some of the blame for the lack of diversity.

He told IndieWire: ''It's so f***ed up what happens, how people who don't look like the stereotypical white American get marginalised.

''It's the corporate entities and the studio entities that allow this to happen, who have ideas about what the lead needs to look like. Time and again, those things are disproven.

''So f**k yeah, you've got to make them put more diversity in there. You have to knock it into their brains that it's a better business move to do that.''

Oscar's latest movie, 'Triple Frontier', tells the story of a group of military friends who reunite to tackle a South American drug lord.

The actor's on-screen character is originally from Colombia, but he rarely plays characters that link him to his roots.

He said: ''I am excited to have done a film in Spanish, but not because I want to do something closer to my heritage.

''My personal experience is not that interesting. It's fine. But just because you lived something doesn't mean you have the skill to portray it.''