Oscar Isaac wants to film a movie in Spanish.

The 'Triple Frontier' star is keen to make a movie in his native tongue, following the success of 'Roma' during the recent awards season as it is also filmed entirely in the Spanish language.

He said: ''I hope to make a whole movie in Spanish.''

And like 'Roma' found its home on streaming service Netflix, Isaac has praised these sites for being a platform for films that wouldn't be traditionally financed in the cinema.

He added: ''I got to see 'Triple Frontier' on a big screen with an incredible sound system and that was really amazing to see, but, you know, we are living in a very transitional time. I think that regardless of the debate ... there's a lot more opportunities to do different kinds of movies and movies that often wouldn't get financed theatrically.''

Isaac previously insisted there is an ''issue of representation'' in Hollywood and he thinks that more needs to be done in order to challenge the lack of diversity in the movie industry.

He explained: ''I think it really needs to start more with the writers and directors. They're the ones that write the stories. I don't think the reasons actors are interesting is for their representational qualities; it's for their transformative ones. That's where the magic trick is, where the craft is ... It's so f***ed up what happens, how people who don't look like the stereotypical white American get marginalised. It's the corporate entities and the studio entities that allow this to happen, who have ideas about what the lead needs to look like. Time and again, those things are disproven. So f**k yeah, you've got to make them put more diversity in there. You have to knock it into their brains that it's a better business move to do that.''