Paris Hilton credits reality television with ''shaping'' who she is.

The 36-year-old businesswoman and DJ waved goodbye to her reality show 'The Simple Life' - which she starred on alongside Nicole Richie from 2003 to 2007 - a decade ago, and whilst she ''doesn't even feel like the same person'' that once graced television screens, she does admit the experience on the show has helped make her the business mogul she is today.

She said: ''I look back and I don't even feel like I'm the same person anymore. I've really grown and just became an adult, learning and having a lot of life lessons. It really shaped me into the person I am today, where my priorities are not about having fun and going to parties. It's more about giving back, using my voice for those in need of it, and also my business, my family, my relationship, my boyfriend, my pets and my friends. That's all that matters to me.''

Despite speaking fondly of her days as a reality star, Paris doesn't think she'll ever return to the platform, as her ''priorities'' are so different now.

Speaking to the December issue of Ocean Drive magazine, she said: '''The Simple Life' was just so iconic and one of a kind that you can't replicate that. I can't see it going better than that show. My priorities are different. I'm running a huge business and I'm traveling. I don't really have time to do a bunch of fake drama on a reality show.''

And although she might have closed the door on her reality tv career for good, that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy to reminisce, as she and her boyfriend Chris Zylka love to binge old episodes of 'The Simple Life'.

She said previously: ''Actually, my boyfriend and I watch it all the time, so there are a lot of really funny ones that I remember. I think one of the most funny ones was when Nicole and I worked at Sonic.

''We were just dressed up on those big milkshake outfits, and we were running around and causing trouble. We always had so much fun on that show. [Nicole] is so funny.''