According to Dame Helen Mirren, Parris Hilton is the modern-day equivalent of Princess Diana. The Oscar-winning actress, who recently portrayed Queen Elizabeth 2nd in 'The Queen', insists that both Hilton and Diana have gained their popularity by making a name for themselves as more than just a 'dumb blond'. 

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Mirren explains: "I don't applaud Paris Hilton... but I think she's pretty cool. She's developed, like Princess Diana, that deliberate foolishness, which is disarming." You'd be wrong to think that Mirren is the only person to hold this view, as Hilton herself sees herself as the most recent member of an elite group of "iconic blondes" from history and popular culture.

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In 2006, Hilton claimed that: "I think every decade has an iconic blonde - like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana - and right now, I'm that icon." She went on to further discuss her iconic status and effect on the world, by revealing that: "I read these stories about me starting fights and saying stupid stuff. I've become a cartoon."