Patricia Arquette has ''deep conversations'' with her children.

The 'True Romance' star - who has 30-year-old Enzo with Paul Rossi, and 16-year-old Harlow, whom she has with ex-husband Thomas Jane - loves being a parent to grown-up children, because she says her brood are such ''cool and interesting people'', whom she can have long conversations with about deep topics.

She said: ''I can have deep conversations with my kids. As a mother, I obviously love them so much - but I also just think they are cool and interesting people. In some way, they've also raised me.''

The 51-year-old actress says her children have taught her things about herself she didn't know before, and loves to chat to them about ''feminism or female sexuality'' - especially when she can get her daughter's perspective.

She added: ''They've taught me things about myself and about the world. I love to talk to them. I spend a lot of time talking a bout feminism or female sexuality - or whatever might turn up. To hear my daughter's perspective is fascinating. Sometimes, I sit back and think, well, I never even thought of that.''

Patricia - who is now in a relationship with painter Eric White - gave birth to her son when she was just 20, but has said having ''responsibility'' early in life hasn't held her back, as her family is her ''happy place''.

Speaking to OK! magazine, 'The Act' star said: ''For much of my life, I was a hyper responsible person. I had a lot of responsibility from a very young age. I was a mum at 20, but I also had a parental role in my family, I took care of a lot of people that were sick and dying. My happy place in life involves being with my boyfriend or my kids and seeing them happy.''