Patricia Arquette is directing a ''top secret'' movie.

The 'Boyhood' actress has begun work on a mystery project, which will boast a ''strong female cast'' and tell a political tale.

Asked if she's considered directing a film, she said: ''Yeah. I'm working on my first thing now. It's still top secret.

''We're working on the draft and getting everyone together.

''It's going to be a strong female cast.

''Not that it has to be that way but I think it's a really interesting story. And it's a political story.''

The 51-year-old star has been urged to move behind the camera several times by other people she's worked with.

She told Total Film magazine: ''A lot of crews have told me I should direct because I make a lot of suggestions.

''And sometimes I've gotten frustrated, I think, where I might know a lot more about filmmaking than somebody more green.

''And they'll be taking a long time to do something, like, 'Hey, why don't we do this on this lens?' or 'Why don't we go on sticks for this thing?' or 'Why don't we go on a dolly?'

''So it's just technical things, even, that I understand.

''A lot of times, a crew will be like, 'You need to be directing. Please start directing! ''

Patricia thinks she's learned a lot from all the directors she's worked with in the past.

She said: ''I had such a paternal relationship with most of the main influential directors in my career, who obviously were men, other than Diane Keaton, pretty much.

''Hopefully I'll have learned something from each of them that I'll be able to incorporate, because I think good directors have to be like linguists, and figure out what each actor needs.''