Roger Nichols and bosses at Three Eagles Music have launched legal papers in a California court, alleging leaders of the group used the song in a commercial, which was aimed at Wisconsin senatorial candidate Russ Feingold's policies, without their permission.

"The use was particularly egregious because the Club, acting out of its desire to draw attention to its political agenda, utilized the Composition - a sweet and melancholy song about cherishing the moments of one's life - to make a derivative work that was a bitter attack advertisement," the lawsuit reads.

"(They) made a distinctive effort to draw an association... by using a singer that was clearly impersonating the style of Paul Anka... to mimic the original recording."

The plaintiffs are also alleging the ad violated the Lanham Act through false association or endorsement, according to

"(They) willfully, intentionally and falsely associated Nichols, and his well-known song that is itself uniquely associated with him, in a political attack ad," the legal papers continue. "Such close identification of Nichols with the Club and its political affiliations and positions is an egregious, intentional, an false association that must be stopped."