Oscar winner Paul Haggis has invited a group of Haitian film students to help him edit the new WE ARE THE WORLD video.
The Crash writer/director filmed the historic recording session of the revamped Michael Jackson/Lionel Richie tune last week (01Feb10), as stars like Celine Dion, Lil Wayne, Natalie Cole and the Jonas Brothers teamed up to give the 25-year-old song a modern sound and now he's racing against the clock to make sure the promo is ready for its debut during the telecast of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada on Friday night (12Feb10).
But he's not alone in the editing suite - he's called on a little help from the people who will benefit from the We Are The World profits.
Haggis, who chose to visit earthquake-ravaged Haiti rather than attend the Golden Globe Awards last month (Jan10), says, "I want the Haitian people to be a part of making this."
The moviemaker and founder of the Artists for Peace and Justice charity, which has been raising money for Haiti for many years, admits he's struggling to complete the video in time: "We haven't looked at a third of the footage and we've been here for a week."