The Crash moviemaker was hurt when the cab he was travelling in was involved in an accident, but he refused to cancel his engagement at a special dinner at La Grenouille Restaurant to toast new journalism drama Spotlight.

He arrived at the event sporting a nasty gash on his head, but continued with his planned speech in front of guests including Spotlight stars Mark Ruffalo and John Slattery and the film's director Tom MCCarthy.

One of the event's organisers introduced Haggis by telling the audience, "He's headed to the hospital, but first he's going to say a few words to you," according to New York Post gossip column Page Six.

The director explained, "If I'm bleeding, please just give me sympathy..." before giving his speech and then heading to a nearby hospital for treatment,

A representative for Haggis says, "He is fine. I don't know exactly how many stitches he got, but he said that the ER at NYU (hospital) took good care of him."