RICHARD E GRANT and Paul McGann are to be reunited on the screen almost 20 years after they starred together in cult movie WITHNAIL + I. ALWAYS CRASHING IN THE SAME CAR will feature the two British actors reprising similar roles to characters WITHNAIL and MARWOOD in the 1987 classic. The 11-minute collaboration, directed by DUNCAN WELLAWAY, came about after MCGann read the script at the Dinard Film Festival in France (OCT05), and suggested Grant should get involved. Wellaway says, "Richard is so perfect for this character and I was over the moon when he said he'd do it. "I didn't think starting out with this project that I would succeed where so many other directors have failed, reuniting Withnail and I 20 years on. "There was a real kind of sense from both (MCGann and Grant) that they were very happy to be working together again. "They were quite un-egotistical. It was quite sweet really."