Myanna Buring, the lead actress in the upcoming Lesbian Vampire Killers, has likened filming the horror-comedy to a girlie sleepover.

Buring said she had enjoyed being part of a predominately female cast, similarly as to when she appeared her first major film, The Descent.

Other than lead characters Jimmy and Fletch, played by Matthew Horne and James Corden, and the eccentric priest played by Paul McGann, the rest of the cast, unsurprisingly, in Lesbian Vampire Killers is made up of girls and Burning said it was something she really appreciated.

"Oh it's great fun to have a female set," .

"When I signed up to Descent, I thought 'Oh no, six girls, it's going to be a nightmare', but no, it wasn't, it was awesome."

Referring to the female cast of Lesbian Vampire Killers, she added: "Its lots of fun with girls on the set. Girls help each other out and at times it felt like a big girlie pyjama party."

Buring also admitted she would definitely be interested in a sequel to the horror flick, especially if director Phil Clayton was involved.

Lesbian Vampire Killers is released on March 20th.

18/03/2009 00:01:00