Paul Newman's biographer has come forward to defend the movie icon amid reports he's dying.
A Los Angeles Times article at the beginning of the week (beg09Jun08) reported the 83-year-old star had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, prompting a media frenzy about Newman's health.
The actor and his representatives have been playing down cancer reports since the beginning of the year (08), when a U.S. tabloid claimed Newman had just six months to live - and now his spokesman insists the star is "doing fine".
And journalist Shawn Levy, who is midway through a book about the actor, insists the cancer reports could be little more than an over-reaction to the fact Newman has been ill of late.
He says, "Even though the number 83 (Newman's age) is staring them in the face, they think of Newman as younger than he is.
"We're talking about this guy like he's dying, but last year, at 82, he finished fourth place in a car race."
Meanwhile, Newman's pal and business partner, A. E. Hotchner, insists he was misquoted when he reportedly confirmed cancer reports to the Associated Press earlier this week.