Reports of movie legend Paul Newman's cancer battle are refusing to go away, even after his spokesperson recently insisted that hospital visits were nothing serious. The 83-year-old star missed a fundraising event for his Hole in The Wall Gang children's charity at the beginning of March (08), fuelling speculation he's undergoing cancer surgery. Newman has insisted he was simply being treated for "athlete's foot and hairloss," but a patient of an unnamed New York state oncologist told the New York Post newspaper that the actor had been a regular visitor to their mutual doctor. And now, U.S. tabloid the Globe claims Newman has just months to live in a new world exclusive expose. The publication reports friends and neighbours haven't seen Newman for months and some fear he'll be dead before the end of 2008. And a report on local news website, which covers the Connecticut area where the actor and his wife Joanne Woodward live, claims Newman was recently rushed to hospital by amulance. Those close to the Color of Money star insist his most recent hospital stay was prompted by "back troubles". The Globe reports Newman's visits to his oncologist are kept top secret because the medic's clinic is located on the first floor of a residential high-rise building, and only those with appointments can get past door security. One cancer patient, who has seen Newman at the top secret clinic, tells the publication, "Paul doesn't openly talk much when he's in the doctor's waiting room. He just stares down at his hands."