British dance music mogul Paul Oakenfold has reworked Britney Spears' GIMME MORE single in a bid to turn it into a dancefloor anthem in Europe. Oakenfold admits to being a big fan of the tune, but claims it needs work if it is to be a smash in Europe. He tells, "I think the record is a f**king great record. I think it's so on the mark with what's going on in the clubs today. "But the tempo wasn't right for Europe and the main dance floors in America, so I got rid of the crap on it which I didn't think worked, speeded it up and gave it more structure and arrangement and more of a heavier club feel. "They liked it. Now I have to do a radio edit, and hopefully that'll do well for her." And Oakenfold hopes his Spears support will prompt others to come forward to help the troubled pop superstar. He adds, "I think when people are going through a hard time, that's when (other) people should come and support them rather than slag them off. I don't know why people have to be like that."