Paul Oakenfold is set to play at Stonehenge.

The 'Starry Eyed Surprise' hitmaker will perform a historic sunrise set at the world famous monument in Wiltshire, England in September.

He said: ''I am so lucky to be able to share my music from such an iconic site. The energy there will be like nowhere else on earth, and this will be reflected in my music and performance. Despite having performed at incredible events and locations all across the globe, sunset at Stonehenge will be the most magical ...

''Its Alon's special relationships and his long-term vision that make the impossible possible. We'll shortly be announcing our plans using amazing locations championing great artists and new music.''

50 people will be invited to see Paul's set at the UNESCO World Heritage site but it is not the only unusual location he has performed at as he previously DJ'd at the Great Wall of China, the FIFA World Cup 2018 and Base Camp on Mount Everest.

English Heritage director Luke Purser added: ''We've been working very closely with Alon Shulman and the team at Universe on a number of exciting forward-looking creative initiatives that support English Heritage's values of conservation and inspiration. It is exciting that they've invited British DJ Paul Oakenfold, one of the most accomplished and recognised artists on the global stage, to be the first DJ to play at Stonehenge. We're delighted with Paul's enthusiasm for our work and that he has embraced the uniqueness of this site where he will be recording his new album, which will support the work of the Charity.''