Paul Simon can't wait to get back on the road with longtime partner Art Garfunkel, insisting the tour the duo was forced to cut short in 2010 when the Bright Eyes singer fell ill was one of their best.
Simon insists fans could tell the feuding pair had put aside any differences between them and had a special bond onstage.
And now the singer/songwriter hopes to resume dates after Garfunkel, who was diagnosed with vocal cord paresis, makes a full recovery.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "(The) truth is, I really do enjoy singing with Artie. There was something very emotional we were getting from the audience (on our last reunion tour).
"The relationship was repaired during that tour. That tour had a big effect on people. People knew we were close friends who'd had a hurtful rift. We said, 'Life's too short.' And the symbolism kind of struck a lot of people who'd had similar struggles in their own lives."
Garfunkel recently told he hopes to be well enough to resume the Old Friends tour at the end of the year (11).
He said, "At the rate the voice is coming back, I should be in pretty good shape by, as the corporations say, the fourth quarter of 2011.
"I'm being challenged by the Lord to have patience, real patience. It's coming along slowly, painfully, excruciatingly slow. I try and stay off the subject and not bemoan anything. But I'm never going to give up on my crusade to return to the stage... I swear to you we'll do those dates (we cancelled)."