Paul Simon hopes to reschedule a SIMON & GARFUNKEL tour once his songwriting partner Art Garfunkel recovers from problems with his vocal cords.
The legendary folk singers were forced to call off their road trip after doctors ordered Garfunkel to rest his voice.
Simon reveals his pal is still battling to regain full health, but they haven't thrown out plans for another reunion tour just yet.
He tells Britain's Uncut magazine, "His voice hasn't come back yet. But if it's still appropriate at some future time to sing a couple of shows with Artie, I'd do that. The last time we went out I think we did 15 or 17 shows and that was fine. I was happy with that."
The Graceland hitmaker, who turns 70 this year (13Oct11), insists he still enjoys playing with Garfunkel, adding: "Our friendship goes way back, to before we started singing. And when we leave the place of the singing and go back into the friendship and who we are and where we came from then it's really pleasant.
"I've known Artie since (the) age of 11. There's no one else I've known that long."