Paul Weller has ''reappraised'' his ''attitude'' as a result of the #MeToo movement.

The 60-year-old musician thinks it is a ''good thing'' to examine his own past conduct and ''change'' his behaviour following the rise of the campaign, which has seen women speak up about the harassment they have received.

Asked if #MeToo has made him stop and take stock, he said: ''Yeah, definitely. When I think about me being sexist and that -- it's made me reappraise attitudes.''

And pressed for examples, he added: ''Well, grabbing some bird's arse in a club or something - that's not really on, is it? Or chatting up someone who doesn't want to be chatted up.

''I probably wouldn't have thought on those things until more recently. So it's a good thing, because it makes you look at yourself and think, 'Well, how do I change this and how do I adapt to this?' ''

The former Jam frontman - who has eight children from four relationships - think society is currently in a ''transitional period'' and he hopes the world is changing for the better.

He told Sunday Times magazine: ''I think it's good. It's a transitional period.

''For a lot of men - any men that are vaguely conscious at all - they've had to reappraise themselves and masculinity.

''The gaps between men and women have got to be closer, in terms of pay and job opportunities. Everyone has to be on an equal footing.

''I think in the next five or 10 years, men will grow up differently. I hope so, anyway. That's how the world gets better, how we evolve.''

The 'No Tears To Cry' hitmaker is happy to change his 20-month-old daughter Nova's nappies and doesn't think its something to celebrate when dads are hands-on parents.

He said: ''Yeah, I do [change nappies]. But do fathers deserve a slap on the back 'cos they changed their kids' nappies? It's not too difficult, is it?''