Perrie Edwards thinks the entertainment business is fake.

The 25-year-old singer - who stars in Little Mix alongside Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson - has revealed that working in the industry has changed her perception of it.

She explained: ''We've seen how the real industry works and none of it is real.''

Perrie's sentiment has been echoed by Jesy, who thinks the Kardashians have been particularly guilty of creating false beauty standards.

Speaking to The Times' Saturday magazine, Jesy reflected: ''It's gone too far with the Kardashians, hasn't it? They all look so perfect and you never see a bad picture of them, but we're in the industry and we know how much they can change a picture.

''When the Kardashians wake up, they look normal.

''If I was a teenager today with all these images of perfection on Instagram, I would literally have the lowest self-esteem.''

Meanwhile, Little Mix recently hit out at sexism in the music industry, admitting each band member has considered quitting over the ''s**t'' they've been through.

The 'Strip' hitmakers claim boy bands still get treated differently to them during discussions about tunes, whereas they will be accused of ''whining'' about something if they disagree over a song choice.

Perrie said: ''It's double standards when you're young women. When we started out it was almost like, 'This is your lane, stay in your lane. You're the faces and the name.'

''We're not. We're the brand. We're businesswomen. It's our baby. So everything we do creatively comes from us

''It is frustrating that if a group of guys were to say, 'We're not going to do that song, we're going to release this song,' it's like, 'Maybe we should listen.'

''Whereas, when we do it, it's like, 'Oh they're at it again, they're whining.' But we're not. We're perfectionists. We take everything we do so seriously. It's important to us.''