Pete Townshend's debut novel 'The Age of Anxiety' will be published on November 5.

The Who guitarist has spent a decade on the project, which is comprised of a book, opera and art installation, about society's fears for the future, which he has referred to as a ''magnum opus'', and it has now been confirmed that the novel will be made available globally in the English language through the book publishers Coronet.

The 'Pinball Wizard' hitmaker is also ''polishing'' the operatic music that will accompany the book and will be performed on stage.

Townshend commented: ''Ten years ago I decided to create a magnum opus that would combine opera, art installation and novel.

''Suddenly here I am with a completed novel ready to publish.

''I am an avid reader and have really enjoyed writing it.

''I am also happy to say the majority of the music is composed, ready to be polished up for release and performance. It's tremendously exciting.''

The book is set to reveal the 73-year-old rocker's insight on the ''craziness of the music business'', which he has been a part of for over 50 years, with his ''sly sense of humour'' coming through.

Mark Booth - who acquired the English language rights for 'The Age of Anxiety' - said: ''The Age of Anxiety is a great rock novel, but that is one of the less important things about it.

''The narrator is a brilliant creation - cultured, witty and unreliable.

''The novel captures the craziness of the music business and displays Pete Townshend's sly sense of humour and sharp ear for dialogue.

''First conceived as an opera, The Age of Anxiety deals with mythic and operatic themes including a maze, divine madness and long-lost children. ''Hallucinations and soundscapes haunt this novel, which on one level is an extended meditation on manic genius and the dark art of creativity.''

Townshend - who is joined by Roger Daltrey in The Who, who have sold over 100 million records since forming in 1964 - previously described the project as ''very serious'' and about being ''terrified'' about what is in store for the next generation, with the effects of global warming and terrorism.

The 'My Generation' hitmaker said: ''It's ... very, very focused and serious. The idea is that we're all terrified. We're living in terror, we're living in anxiety, discomfort and the fear that we have is for the future, the fear for our children's future.

''We're worried about the planet, we're worried about terrorism, being able to sustain life as we love it, we're afraid we can't guarantee peace.''

Townshend previously composed the rock operas 'Tommy' and 'Quadrophenia' based on the classic albums by the iconic rock band, which were released in 1969 and 1973 respectively.