Rocker Pete Wentz has publicly chastised the owners of a celebrity website after they alerted readers to his exact location during a day out with his wife ASHLEE and their baby son.
The Fall Out Boy bassist was furious after learning gossip website published a story detailing his whereabouts as he and his partner took little Bronx Mowgli to visit a park in New York City on Tuesday (19May09).
The star insists he can put up with criticism of his music and even his public persona - but stories about his child are an invasion of privacy.
He writes on his official blog, "You disgust me. It doesn't really bug me that I get called a short, talentless, annoying d**chebag on the internet. Sometimes it's even funny. But I don't want a GPS (Global Positioning System) on my kid. We don't parade him around. We don't call the paparazzi on ourselves. For the most part we try and make his life as normal as possible. It's completely irresponsible and dangerous to my son for you to do the opposite and write where he is at any given time.
"I doubt what you are doing is illegal. But it surely is unethical. I wonder what youll say the day someone gets hurt in 'real life' (you know that place next to your keyboard) based on your minute by minute 'gawker stalker' sightings."