Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman both tried rapping for a Superbowl commercial that aired on Sunday (04.02.18).

The 'Game of Thrones' star and the 80-year-old Hollywood veteran joined forces for a memorable joint advert for Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice during the sporting extravaganza in Minneapolis, in which they assumed the roles of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott, respectively.

The advert was teased prior to the game - which saw the Philadelphia Eagles defeat the New England Patriots 41-33 - and the full, one-minute advert did not disappoint TV watchers, who were treated to Peter rapping to a Busta song as he walked between burning chairs.

And as Peter's performance ends, Morgan appears on screen and begins rapping to the lyrics of Missy on a freezing-looking set.

The actors eventually come face-to-face, with Morgan - who advertises Mountain Dew Ice - breathing cold air into his rival's face.

Another of the star-studded Superbowl commercials saw actress Rebel Wilson, chef Gordon Ramsay, musician Cardi B and actor Anthony Hopkins promote the Amazon Alexa device.

In the advert, Gordon goes into one of his notorious foul-mouthed tirades, while Rebel is seen making suggestive remarks as she sits in a bath tub.

But the star of the commercial is Cardi, who performs the role of Alexa, a cloud-based voice-activated music player.

The 25-year-old star is asked to play country music through the device, but she refuses and instead plays her own chart-topping single 'Bodak Yellow'.

Meanwhile, Danny DeVito starred in an advert for M&M, with the 73-year-old actor transforming from one of the button-shaped chocolate into his real-life self.

After the transformation happens, Danny shouts: ''Look at me! I'm human! Ha!''

The veteran star then walks the streets asking members of the public whether they'd like to eat him.

Danny is thrilled to discover that no one is interested in eating him, until he is abruptly struck by a dumpster truck as he stands in the middle of the road.

Elsewhere, Big Sean starred in an advert for Rocket Mortgage, while music legend Steven Tyler appeared in a commercial for Kia, the South Korean carmaker.