The former Genesis star released The Veil on all digital download and streaming services on Friday (09Sep16), revealing he was asked to write the song by Stone himself.

"As we become so visible in the digital world and leave an endless trail of data behind us, exactly who has our data and what they do with it becomes increasingly important," Peter says in a statement obtained by WENN.

"Snowden's revelations shocked the world and made it very clear why we need to have some way to look over those who look over us. With increasing terrorist attacks, security is critical, but not without any accountability or oversight.

"I was very happy to learn Oliver Stone had decided to make a film about Edward Snowden and believe this is a powerful and inspiring film. Oliver takes his music very seriously and I have always enjoyed collaborating with him."

The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the exiled 'whistleblower', who leaked shocking classified National Security Agency information about how officials monitor U.S. citizens.