Ben Affleck, Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Garner and The Company - Tuesday 30th November 2010

Actor and director Ben Affleck makes an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show airing Wednesday, December 1st. The Company Men star talks about holiday shopping and revealed this his wife, Jennifer Garner, is the one with the skills. Ellen: What's happening for you for Christmas? Is this a big holiday? With kids I'm sure it is. Ben: To be honest, again, I'm not particularly proud of. But it's a bit of a 50's thing I guess. Because my wife is so capable and because I'm less so, she does a lot of that work and I kind of root her on. I'm encouraging. Ellen: That work being the shopping? Ben: Being the shopping. It takes her as much energy and effort to buy like the 20 gifts we're going to buy other people, as it does to buy her gift. I spend the whole time, fretting about that and being nervous and hoping she likes that. And then I end up at like CVS on the 24th being like, Maybe she'd like a little Godzilla that goes around. Ellen: You talking about your wife or your kids? Ben: My wife. My kids actually would like that. Ellen: They would like that. I was going to say, that would be good. Photo (1 image)

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