Joshua M. Bisnar (military name HM3 FMF)... - Monday 19th November 2012

Joshua M. Bisnar (military name HM3 FMF) - US MARINE RESCUES FOUR ORPHAN RABBITS A U.S. Marine Corps unit worker, who had previously been stationed in Afghanistan, rescued, rehabilitated and raised four orphaned rabbit kits he'd discovered whilst raking the volleyball court at a military barracks - bottle feeding them four times a day for two months before re-introducing them back into the wild. Joshua M. Bisnar (military name HM3 FMF), a Naval Hospital Corpsman (Combat Medic) stationed with a Marine Corps unit at Camp Pendleton, California, found the helpless bunnies alongside their dead mother. He scooped up the tiny bunnies and carefully placed them in a makeshift home - consisting of a box with a few old shirts to make it more comfortable. To feed to hungry kits - whom he named: James (after Jimi Hendrix), Steven, Raymond and, Vaughan (after Stevie Ray Vaughan) - he researched a formula mixed with probiotic he found at Petco pet store and purchased four small droppers to administer the formula into the hungry mouths three times a day. Bisnar said: "I would feed them at about 6am before work, 12pm at lunch and 6pm. I was so scared to go to work or leave them alone, I should have turned them into a wild life sanctuary but I was scared that the car ride would be too traumatic, but It was amazing how fast they grew up! They got out of that ugly newborn phase and started looking like fluffy little bunnies after one week. "Soon they were hopping around their modified cage I made them. "It was about the second week that they started jumping against the side of the box at about 2-3am trying to wake me up for another feeding, that's when it went to four times a day. It was adorable, I always knew when they were hungry because they would all bunch up and look up at me during the day when I walked by and when I would put my hand in the box they would all run up and fight to jump into my hand for feeding. He started weaning them onto arugula (rocket salad) and slowly incorporated some of the natural foods found in - Monday 19th November 2012 (1 image)

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