Russell Brand Demands a Revolution of Civil Disobedience at World-Famous Cambridge Union Society - Monday 13th January 2014

"Politics should be a system that helps everybody. Currently it's a meaningless temporary reality that is completely pointless." Earlier this evening Russell Brand addressed over 800 student members of the prestigious Cambridge Union Society, declaring that: "They don't define the paradigm - we define the paradigm. We're running things now. Don't trust the, don't vote for them, don't play along. Complete non-compliance would change the system." Mr Brand went on to say that "Voting is an act of compliance. I'm not complying with you! Give us something to vote for and I'll vote for it. Just don't vote within the tiny circumference of nonsense that we're offered. We oughtn't be satisfied with some diluted version of democracy. Be under no illusions the parliamentary system exists to sustain itself - it doesn't represent us. There needs to be a defiant stand against the corporates that are running our planet". "Revolution is coming. It's happening instantaneously. It's happening now! It has to be peaceful - occasionally I get into all that violent shit and the romanticisation of revolution because I hate the power structure but that just wouldn't work." When pressed on how it would work he replied that: "We need to make it sexy - make it fun, make it enjoyable, make it a part of your identity. They're very good presenting the spectacle - we need to be better. What we need to do is stimulate people's interest. For the first time we have a focus to rally people around. I'm talking about corporation that don't contribute to society -Philip Green at Topshop is happy to use the fire service if one of his stores is burning down but he doesn't pay any tax for it!" The event was the internationally renowned society's first of 2014 and was met with queues of over 1300 people, hundreds of which had to be turned away at the door hours before the event was due to start. When questioned on running for politica - Cambridge United Kingdom - Monday 13th January 2014 (4 images)

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