Lego Fawlty Towers - Monday 25th August 2014

Lego FAWLTY TOWERS. . . A Lego master builder has recreated the hotel reception foyer from Fawlty Towers. . . Skilled constructor Nathan Feist, 21, who is also known under the '007? moniker, has succeeded where Basil Fawlty failed and brought a semblance of functionality to the most dysfunctional hotel in the seaside town of Torquay on the "English Riviera". Manhattan-born Feist, a food science major at Cornell University in upstate New York, chose the classic seventies sitcom, starring John Cleese, because he wanted to pay homage to one of his favorite television series - that he could exhibit at the recent BrickFair Virginia, LEGO convention annually held in the DC metro area. The con comprises mostly of teen and adult builders who travel from all corners of the US and from several countries around the world to display their LEGO models or MOCs ("My Own Creations") at the exhibition. BrickFair also donates a portion of the proceeds from its visitors to a locally-based charity that provides child care internationally. This August, the convention raised a record $26,600 USD as it accommodated more visitors then ever before. Nathan said: "I considered Number Six's house from The Prisoner which I eliminated early on as I had seen a good LEGO model of its exterior and other Village buildings made by someone else not long before. I was pretty close to building the CIC (combat information center) from Battlestar Galactica, but soon found that I couldn't obtain the parts needed for what I envisioned in the time frame I had. I had already seen a Counter Strike map that recreated the Fawlty Towers hotel and which was featured on Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe, but I couldn't find any LEGO models of the hotel posted online. So I figured that if someone had only made a good virtual model of it, I should make an accurate physical one." Three factors most assisted his efforts were: one - the availability of Fawlty Towers on Netflix's streaming service for his reference in - - Monday 25th August 2014 (2 images)

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