New Online Poop Delivery Service - Thursday 20th November 2014

New online company Shitexpress, does exactly what it promises with an offer to: 'send a piece of shit in a box to someone' customers are invited to: anonymously arrange a delivery of a box of horse poop to a designated recipient anyone, anyplace . . .anywhere on the planet! Each poop package is personalised with a handwritten message and provides the facility to make payments through bitcoin cryptocurrency. Customers can pay the bitcoin equivalent of $17 for a box of 100% organic fertilizer equine manure - coming in 'plain', 'cute' and 'ceremonial' packages. Where there's muck there's brass. Shitexpress was started due the CEO and founder's love of internet marketing and a desire to provide an original service with the premise that 95 per cent of buying decisions are made because of marketing. So. . . He decided to sell S***! The shitexpress CEO and founder says: "Nobody ever told me that many times per day that I am a genius. Even my strict brother told me that because he saw his friends sharing the website on Facebook." The majority of their customers have come from the United States, Canada and France. But they will be definitely trying to reach more European customers - in Shitexpress CEO and founder's words: ". . .since they are closer to us and we don't need to fill any customs form." Shitexpress adds: "Regarding the intention of the customers - they either want to take revenge or they just want to make fun of someone. But the language is usually mild and quite funny. We don't allow any kind of threats." They have received tens of thousands of comments so far. Ninety nine per cent of them were either positive or neutral with only one serious complaint so far. The majority of people have been shocked. The Shitexpress CEO and founder says: "The funniest customer was a guy who wanted to send us his wedding ring, so we can put it on the top of the poop and send it to his ex-wife!" After pulling off such a unique service, the CEO and founder is ideally equipped t - - Thursday 20th November 2014 (5 images)

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