Zeus The Blind Owl - Thursday 20th November 2014

Zeus, the blind Western Screech Owl, has eyes that resemble a celestial scene telling a tragic tale. Thankfully, with a hopeful happy glint as things turned around for the owl. . . as far as its famously rotating head. Zeus came to his lifetime home at Wildlife Learning Center, in Los Angeles California, in the summer of 2012. He was found emaciated and blind in front of someone's house in Central California. A veterinary ophthalmologist thoroughly examined him, brought him back to health, but deemed him non-releasable - he only has about 10 per cent of his vision and would not be able survive in the wild on his own. Specifically he has been diagnosed with conjunctivitis, corneal degeneration, endotheliopathy, anterior uveitis - which was presumed to be from traumatic event like flying into something or being attacked by a predator. His general condition is a capsular cataract, the white flecks that glisten in his eyes is caused by unique fibrin/blood pigment clots. These pigments cause a unique "view of the Universe" quality in his eyes, for which he is well known, hence the name Zeus. He isn't in pain and appears to be healthy in every other way with regular check ups . In keeping with the divine nature of his adopted sobriquet, Zeus exudes a very peaceful presence and is calmness manifest. A Wildlife Learning Center spokesperson says: "He has a very big personality and exhibits a bit of a curious nature. WLC Cofounders, Paul Hahn and David Riherd, say they have never seen anything like this unique manifestation of pigment clots giving "starry" appearing eyes in their 40-plus combined years of working with rescued wildlife. "Zeus enjoys perching either in his hollowed tree trunk or on top of it above Co-founder Paul's desk in the office at Wildlife Learning Center. He is so camouflaged most people don't notice him until he is pointed out. Many other people see him but believe he is a stuffed animal because he is so calm and peaceful. He sleeps a - Los Angelse California United States - Thursday 20th November 2014 (5 images)

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