Zero Gravity Hotel - Friday 29th May 2015

The conceptual "levitation suit" developed at the KSEVT in Slovenia offers guests 3D zero gravity sleeping experience. . . KSEVT (Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies), situated amongst the 600 residents in the Slovenian town of Vitanje, is devoted to the research and development of a Cultural Space Programme. The institution has welcomed over 50,000 visitors since its inauguration two years ago. The levitation suit is one of the products developed through the experimental project "KSEVT hotel" during AA Visiting School Slovenia 2014 (AAVSS). The course allowed its students to explore how to provide an extended experience for KSEVT exhibition visitors, ultimately allowing for an extreme and utterly unique overnight accommodation within the context of the building of KSEVT and its exhibition programme. Exploring and pursuing an understanding of the sleeping experience in outer space, the project team investigated how to provide an experience of sleeping that makes one become aware of the dichotomy gravity vs. zero-gravity. KSEVT hotel offers two experiences. The individual experience enables the researcher to spend the night in KSEVT by sleeping in a uniquely engineered levitation suit, suspended in KSEVT's central hall. The collective experience, offers a group of people to experience 3D sleeping as an extended feature of the exhibition, where a set of pyramid shaped cushions support your entire body in a custom 3D position while asleep. The concept of the KSEVT hotel and 3D sleeping embodies the unique program of KSEVT - it fulfils the accommodation needs of the institution and furthermore upgrades an already unique visitor experience. AAVSS is introducing strategies of nanotourism as a locally oriented, bottom up approach in fostering an integration of the local community with the continuous flux of global visitors. KSEVT has a public significance and generates social, cultural and scientific activities, with fixed and temporary exhibitio - Slovenia - Friday 29th May 2015 (10 images)

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