#WearYourNHS Support Junior Doctors Campaign With Dame Vivienne Westwood, Ben Westwood, Sir John Hurt & Peter Capaldi - Monday 22nd February 2016

The #WearYourNHS Campaign, spearheaded by Dr Lauren Gavaghan, a Senior Registrar in Psychiatry in London, was started as a means to open up the dialogue of the Junior Doctors Contract struggle to the public, and to raise awareness of the issues and wider challenges facing the NHS at present. The name was a play on the words 'We Are Your NHS,' as Junior doctors have oft been described as at least part backbone of the NHS. Lauren wanted to encourage people to start thinking about the NHS as they might a shirt worn on their backs, something they may take for granted and only miss if it were gone one day. None other than the inimitable Dame Vivienne Westwood set the tone by designing a 'Support Junior Doctors' tshirt. Not one to shy away from activism, the iconic British fashion designer, who only recently in protest against fracking, drove a tank to David Cameron's house, took up the ask and a bold tshirt followed suit. The black heart emblazened across the chest of the tshirt she said, reminded her of a 'skull and crossbones,' illustrating the 'fight' Junior Doctors found themselves embroiled in with Government, and the text in red, reminded her of blood 'which is what you doctors deal with every day.' Her son Ben Westwood, also a keen activist against climate change, which is also a feature on the tee, has supported the campaign, stating that ‘people over profit’ was key, in relation to the impending privatisation of the NHS. The tshirt has since been sold and embraced by fellow medics, nurses, other healthcare professionals and equally passionate and NHS-devoted members of the public who have worn it with pride in a myriad of unusual locations around the world; as a symbol of collective solidarity in the face of continued government pressure to enforce a working contract on doctors in England, which is felt widely to be both unfair and unsafe, and which many feel is part of the greater move towards privatisation of the NHS. Supporters have enthusiastica - London United Kingdom - Monday 22nd February 2016 (13 images)

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