Movie star Pierce Brosnan has his sights set on making a new epic western full of his Irish friends. The former James Bond star so enjoyed making post-American Civil War period movie SERAPHIM FALLS with countryman Liam Neeson he wants to go further back into US history to visit the Wild West - and he hopes to take a few pals with him. The Irish actor says, "It's always in the cards. There's a bunch of us Irish fellows who keep saying we should get together and make a western - myself, Gabriel Byrne, Colm Meaney and people like that. "We'd just like to do an Irish film about the West. I was getting serious about that when, and lo and behold, the script for Seraphim Falls came to me with Liam attached. "That film just whet my appetite further because it's a western-themed movie. "I was brought up on the kind of staple of the westerns. I just thought it all had an elegance to it."