Pierce Brosnan is planning an art exhibition later this year.

The 65-year-old actor is a passionate painter and finds it a very ''rewarding'' hobby, and he's now looking forward to showcasing more of his work to the public.

Speaking to Heat magazine, he said: ''I'd like to classify myself as a colourist, even though I'm very low on the totem pole of knowing what I'm doing with colours. I love trying to create something that is beautiful, rewarding and pleasing to the eye. Art for me has become a focal point in my life - I'm inching my way towards having an exhibition at the end of this year or early next year.

''I left school very early, with very little academic credit, but I did have a folder of paintings and drawings. Being a painter had a romantic notion to it. And then I found acting - thank God for acting.''

The 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' actor - who raised Chris, Sean and the late Charlotte with late wife Cassandra Harris and sons Dylan, 21, and Paris, 17, with spouse Keely Shaye Smith - has a reputation for being charming and though he always tries to be ''gracious and polite'' he admits he can sometimes be ''prickly'', but insists that's natural.

He said: ''It takes nothing to be kind, gracious and polite.

''But of course my consistency with that can be fragile, just because life can get a bit heavy sometimes.

''I'm not always charming, I can be prickly. Sometimes you get out the wrong side of bed.

''I think it comes from the joy of doing what I do, as an artist and an actor, being in the company of great people who know their job. It makes life very rewarding. Plus I like people and I'm comfortable in my own skin.''