Ordinarily before screenings of feature films, theater owners ask patrons to turn off their cellphones and refrain from talking. However, an ad for Disney's The Little Mermaid: Second Screen Live, which hits selected theaters on Sept. 20th, begins: Bring your iPad to the movie theater. ... Become part of the story. Interact with Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. Compete with the audience as you play games, sing along, and collect hidden treasure. Before they leave for the theater, however, kids will have to download a special free app that will sync with the screen during the presentation. No such app is available for Android tablets. Disney and Apple have had a long relationship dating back to 2006, when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs sold Pixar to Disney, thereby becoming Disney's largest shareholder with almost 8 percent of the company's stock. While Jobs was an involved member of the Disney board before his death, no member of his family has taken his place. However, Disney chief Robert Iger is a member of Apple's board.