Poison star BRETT MICHAELS' hit new reality dating show, ROCK OF LOVE, has been exposed as a sham - the girl he picked to date was already in a committed relationship. The rocker picked Jes Ricklett as his mate in the show's high-rated finale last month (Sep07), but the pink-and-white haired stylist had no plans of having a real romance with Michaels - she dashed off to be with her boyfriend as soon as taping finished. And, to make matters worse for Michaels, Ricklett's real man, Chicago-based designer Joe Quade, has started poking fun at the Poison star on his MySpace.com page. Ricklett tells the National Enquirer she had no intention of becoming the girlfriend of a faded rock star when she auditioned for the hit show. She says, "Someone found me and wanted me to audition for the show, so I did. "To be honest, I wasn't going on there looking for love. I was kind of like, `Let's see if I could promote myself.' That's pretty much why I did it." But it's not all bad news for Michaels - the summer show was such a hit on VH1 in America, TV bosses have ordered a second season, during which the Poison star will again be on the look out for love.