Poppy Delevingne channels Twiggy with her make up choices.

The model and actress loves to use the Lancome Babydoll mascara to emulate the supermodel's long luscious lashes.

Asked what three make up items she'd pick, she told London's Evening Standard: ''That's really hard. A concealer. Mascara - it gives Twiggy vibes. I always really like that. And the third would probably have to be a lipstick.''

Meanwhile, Poppy previously admitted she believes the fashion industry can be ''quite suffocating'' at times as ''things are out of your control''.

Speaking about her career, the blonde-haired beauty said: ''When you are a model, all those things are out of your control. You don't really have a voice and that can be quite suffocating and frustrating ... [Pandora] she always taught me I could wear what I like as long as it made me happy. She was always, like, 'Be Wild, be bonkers, be louche, it doesn't matter. So she taught us to be ourselves. And my dad has tremendous amounts of courage and patience. When I was modelling he always saw me at my worst. He'd be like 'Another day on the battleground darling? Perseverance darling.'''

And Poppy feels there is a ''huge stigma'' surrounding models who turn to acting.

She shared: ''I think there's a huge stigma. I think a lot of people think they go hand-in-hand, they go 'Oh you're a model, you can just slip into the acting thing', and you're like, 'it doesn't really work like that'. Directors, casting directors, producers, you've got to really prove yourself to them.

''For me, acting has always been my passion, it just somehow got waylaid, but now it's been reignited, it's been like starting a whole new job at 30, which is very weird - it feels like the first day at school whenever I'm doing anything.''