Poppy Delevingne thinks there is a ''huge stigma'' surrounding models who turn to acting.

The 31-year-old star - who is the sister of Cara Delevingne - started her career on the catwalk, but has recently turned her attention towards cinema, starring in films like 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle', but she's admitted that the transition hasn't been easy.

Poppy shared: ''I think there's a huge stigma. I think a lot of people think they go hand-in-hand, they go 'Oh you're a model, you can just slip into the acting thing', and you're like, 'it doesn't really work like that'.

''Directors, casting directors, producers, you've got to really prove yourself to them.

''For me, acting has always been my passion, it just somehow got waylaid, but now it's been reignited, it's been like starting a whole new job at 30, which is very weird - it feels like the first day at school whenever I'm doing anything.''

Despite her modelling success, Poppy has always had ambitions to become an actress, just like her sibling.

The London-born beauty initially struggled to find work as an actress, but her new career is now gathering pace.

She told the BBC: ''I've been modelling for a very long time, since I was 17, and the acting thing was always something I wanted to pursue, but it always got put on the back burner because the modelling took up a lot of time.

''But when I was 28 I was like, enough is enough, this is not what makes me happy, and so I started pursuing the acting thing, and I didn't get a job for quite a while. And then really it was around 29, 30 stuff started happening.''